{ week 12/52 } We went about exploring the new town and to the fun fair this weekend, the weather was absolutely not favourable but the kids had a blast. Can you tell the 4 yr old is having too much fun dancing to the music 😉 The 2 yr old in between teeny tiny jumps on the trampoline stops to observe other kids and then attempts to jump again 🙂 Linking upto  

I had to share some more from week 10/52. The light was too good that day. The play ground with a view~softest cushiony grass i’ve ever felt~that gorgeous halo of light around my people~the glorious light.

{ week 11/52 } Few seconds before the 2 yr old knocked down the magnetic tower made by the 4 yr old ;). Atleast the light was good! Linking upto

{ week 10/52 } We went to Wales this weekend, to my favourite spot in Llandudno and to say the weather was gorgeous is an understatement. It was beautiful beyond words. Letting the kids run wild in the fields, to see where the sea meets the sky and praying one day, they look at the sky, the sea, the land and see the beauty of the One who made it. He spotted a liittle Island and said “mummy look an… Read more »

{ week 9/52 } The tongue sticking out always means some serious concentration. On another note we just moved to new place and amidst of all the stuff I got to do and the boxes that I need to unpack, I love how this weekly project forces me to still take a step back and photograph my kids which otherwise I would have never done. Thanks to the I heart snapping team! 🙂 Linking up to