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We went to Wales this weekend, to my favourite spot in Llandudno and to say the weather was gorgeous is an understatement. It was beautiful beyond words. Letting the kids run wild in the fields, to see where the sea meets the sky and praying one day, they look at the sky, the sea, the land and see the beauty of the One who made it.

IMG_8567 wm
IMG_8598 wm
He spotted a liittle Island and said “mummy look an Island, its a Desert Island.” No clue why he said that but for now we have a name for that Island in Wales 🙂

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13 thoughts on “10/52

  1. Faded Seaside Mama

    Beautiful colours and photos! My auntie used to live on the Orme and I have so many happy memories of visiting as a child and playing there. It seemed so wild and incredible when I was little. This has reminded me of those days.


    1. tehmina Post author

      Thankyou. Wow! Those childhood memories must have been something, I always tell my husband how living on the Orme must be like a dream.


  2. Jenni

    Oh my goodness, the sky! It looks like someone created it from pastels. I have been debating going on holiday to Wales this summer, I think you’ve made my mind up! Beautiful pictures of your boys as always.


  3. Rachel

    Wow. wow. wow! Simply stunning! I think my fav is the first one with that tiny red jacket running across the field. But the second photo is so close to being my favourite too!


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