The holiday continues, first week in Karachi Pakistan. Boys with their cousins having a blast and doing the egyptian dance 😉 (taken with an Iphone)

In Dubai, Atlantis. The boys being silly infront of the awestrucking beautiful aquarium in the hotel lobby. They could stand there all day just looking at all the fishies.

Week { 24/52 } I normally don’t put up Ipnone pics here but this is an exception since we are currenlty on a holiday in Dubai, Atlantis and spending most of our time near the water and I don’t have a waterproof case for my DSLR but got one for my Iphone and I’m so glad that I did. Here is one of my first few shots 🙂

{ week 19/52 } He cooked up his own roast chicken in his play kitchen and arranged his tray all by himself when I told him what I made us for lunch. He said his chicken looked much better but mine smelled good 😉